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With this service, the South Baltic Programme provides an insight into recent developments on the cross-border arena shaped by project beneficiaries.  This release reports on efforts and methods to promote the development of sustainable and livable communities, particularly when it comes to mobility and power generation practice. Stay informed about recent and upcoming South Baltic dynamics!

South Baltic Programme News


Changes to the Programme Manual

The 10th Monitoring Committee of the South Baltic Programme met in Ostróda, Poland on 18th June  2013, and approved the changes to the Programme Manual.

The changes introduced concern: accidental income – chapter 6.5; de-minimis rule – chapter 6.8; 10% flexibility for projects in terms of the budget reallocation between the partners – chapter 9.8.

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Inspiring young people: let's celebrate European co-operation

The South Baltic Programme celebrates the cross-border efforts towards prosperity, sense of community and fellowship sentiments which have been made over the last few years. The virtues of cross-border co-operation are about to become a source of inspiration for our descendants now.  On the 18th September 2013, South Baltic projects will be demonstrating their achievements in a cross-border edutainment event for young people aged between 16-19 to reveal the values of cross-border co-operation. 

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South Baltic Project News

South Baltic offshore wind energy vision

A variety of tools has been developed by the recently completed South Baltic project SB OFF.E.R. to channel the efforts of administrations, academia and the industry towards tapping the full potential of offshore wind energy in the region. Being the South Baltic knowledge bank when it comes to offshore wind energy, the project SB OFF.E.R. encapsulated its message to the world in 8 recommendations.

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Using the power of public art to promote wind energy use

“I miód na głogu rośnie” essentially meaning “Honey grows upon hawthorn” is the title of a public artwork conveying a message to passersby in the Ronald Reagan Park in Gdańsk in favour of the use of wind energy. The art installation was inaugurated on 13th June 2013 as part of the final conference of the South Baltic project WEBSR2 Upgrade.

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Involving young people in renewable energy promotion: good practice from South Baltic

The South Baltic project RES Chains successfully completed school contest for young people aged between 15 and 19 reaching more than 300 schools from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The project partnership made an effort to directly address more than 5000 teachers and pupils. From April to June 2013, the message of RES Chains to the public has been inspiring young people to embark on proactive engagement when it comes to renewable energies.

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Inspirations towards a cycling culture

“Stimulating cycling is not only an infrastructural issue but a matter of soft measures too” said Holger Matthäus, Senator for construction and environment of the hanseatic city of Rostock, in an interview for the German TV broadcaster NDR. Senator Matthäus inaugurated the “Cycle Barometer”, an electronic display installed in Rostock as part of the South Baltic project abc.multimodal.The monitor displays the number of cyclists per day and per year as well as temperature and time.

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Offshore wind energy creates opportunities for the tourism sector in the South Baltic Region

In the context of the project “South Baltic OFF.E.R”, the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation conducted a study on the potential benefits of offshore wind energy for the tourism sector. Titled “The Impact of Offshore Wind Energy on Tourism – Good Practices and Perspectives for the South Baltic Region”, the study investigates how offshore wind farms can be integrated into regional tourism concepts by looking at real-world examples from the North Sea and Baltic areas. The conclusions are based on extensive research and the analysis of discussions held with project partners and other relevant sources, as well as telephone interviews with experts.

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Catch the Baltic winds with your blades: opening of the Offshore Infocenter Rostock

The project "South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Regions" (SB OFF.E.R) held its final conference within the framework of the international conference and exhibition “Wind & Maritim” welcoming about 300 participants at the HanseMesse Exhibition Center in Rostock. The South Baltic project took the occasion to officially open the first permanent offshore wind energy exhibition in Germany. Initiated within the project, and installed on board of a museum ship, the exhibition embarks on efforts to raise public awareness about offshore wind energy in general.

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Events (save the date)

Harbour dialogue

21st-24th July 2013, Gdynia-Poland
As its name implies, the Harbour Dialogue is an artistic dialogue between musicians from Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland consisting of workshops, rehearsals and a final concert. The event is organised by the project Baltic Culture Wave.

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4th Forum of Euro-region Baltic’s  stakeholders

4th September 2013, Kalmar-Sweden
The forum invites public and private organisations active in the field of tourism, being the third largest socioeconomic activity in the EU with a positive effect on economic growth and employment. The event will present new cooperation possibilities of the South Baltic CBC Programme, and facilitate an exchange of project ideas between participants.

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4th Active Mobility Congress
12th-13th September 2013, Gdanks-Poland
Organised by the city of Gdansk, the Congress will bring together policy makers and practitioners from Poland and abroad, active in the field of sustainable mobility.

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Final event of the project M.A.S.T.

12th – 13th September 2013, Klaipeda-Lithuania
The South Baltic project M.A.S.T. (Maritime Education and Sail Training for young people) celebrates its achievements.

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