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SME efficiency through employees' satisfaction

Interview with Przemyslaw Radomski, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Sunshine Profits - Tools for Effective Trading & Investment.

Przemyslaw Radomski is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Sunshine Profits - Tools for Effective Trading & Investment

How did you come to know about the RespEN project and how did you learn about the project outcomes?

I learned about the RespEN project from the Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza (Pomerania Development Agency) e-mail newsletter. I signed up for it some time ago to stay updated on the interesting events and offers for entrepreneurs and small companies.

What kind of instruments or solutions elaborated in the RespEN project do you apply in your company? What would you consider to be the added value for Sunshine Profits?

The ISO 26000 matrix that we received during the RespEN project helped us to discover the areas in the company that were particularly important for us and our company's stakeholders. We learned which issues should be discussed, and they turned out to be important for the employees even though they hadn't expressed this previously. One of the specific results was starting the "wishing well" programme for employees, in which they express their hopes and aims both strictly professional and more loosely related to their work (work-life balance). Due to the way the company operates, there are no strict career paths (and the lack of this perspective was discouraging to employees), but thanks to what our employees shared with us, their careers will move towards a desired shape when the opportunity for it arises. Certain tasks can be granted to those who have been seeking them. In this way company's efficiency will increase and so will employees' satisfaction.

To which company from your stakeholder circle would you recommend this toolbox? And why?

To our accounting company. They have already made some steps demonstrating socially responsible business approach like making the offices friendly for people with disabilities, and organizing charity events. There is definitely a will to conduct business in a responsible way, and the toolbox could help the company do it in a more structured way and more efficiently. I think that's the case with many companies in Poland.

What is your vision about the future of your company and its development (for instance 2020) with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility?

The main goal and challenge in the coming years will be to materially impact the way gold mining companies operate. We are promoting the responsible approach to gold mining via our Golden StockPicker tool that takes the CSR issues into account while preparing the final ranking of companies. The aim is to make this tool popular enough for the mining companies to make sure they are mining gold in the responsible way.

How does the Golden StockPicker tool operate?

The Golden StockPicker uses multiple quantitative values to estimate a given mining company's share price's potential. Investors using it have the ability to include the CSR aspects into the ranking - they can either choose if they want to include it at all, and if so, if its importance is high or low. Depending on the investors’ choice, the ranking adjusts mining stocks positions. The CSR algorithm itself takes into account each company's status in two major CSR reports: the Global Reporting Initiative and International Cyanide Management Code. The algorithm among other things takes into account the scope of the reports, level of verification, the share of mining sites that have been verified in relation to the total amount of mining sites in a given company. Companies are ranked on a relative basis: those which are not participating in one of the above mentioned programmes are "punished" in the ranking most significantly.

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