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European co-operation constitutes the very core of the South Baltic Programme. We owe this spirit to all our stakeholders as their inspiring and cross-border way of thinking is the arrowhead of the idea of co-operation. We are therefore pleased to welcome one more source of inspiration for the European Territorial Co-operation in our South Baltic Community: Thorsten Kohlisch is leading the Programme’s secretariat since February 2013.
Our joint ambition to shape the future of our communities has pan-Baltic impacts. Four more South Baltic projects contribute officially to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. New ambitions in line with this strategy are to be fostered by a new EU grant scheme for preparing projects.

Prosperous South Baltic communities is the main goal of our projects. This issue will provide valuable insights into current and future labour market issues, educational concepts, sustainable mobility and energy supply practice and business networking.
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South Baltic Programme News

Committed to the spirit of European Co-operation!

The South Baltic Cross-Border-Co-operation Programme is pleased to welcome Mr Thorsten Kohlisch who took over the management of the Joint Technical Secretariat as of the 1st February 2013.

Deeply rooted in both European co-operation and ERDF funding schemes, Thorsten has been co-ordinating the Information Point East of the interregional co-operation Programme INTERREG IVC during the last three years. Prior to his assignment in Katowice, he has been working for different institutions of the Berlin government, i.e. the Police Department, the Regional Development Bank of Berlin and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, dealing with strategies and policies for enhanced cross-border cooperation and ERDF funds management as well as the preparation and implementation of INTERREG IIIC and IVB projects in the Baltic Sea Region. At the same time, his academic and professional experience gained in the Baltic States, Brussels and Katowice has allowed him to get an insight into the process of European integration from different backgrounds and perspectives. Beyond his mother tongue German, Thorsten speaks English, French and basic Polish. Read an interview with Thorsten Kohlisch here».


New South Baltic flagship projects

The new version of the Action Plan of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region reveals South Baltic contributions awarding them under the flagship label. Flagship projects are the operational means of the macro-regional strategy demonstrating its progress. They flesh out the ambition of a certain priority area in a specified field of action.

Four South Baltic projects serve four different strategic priority areas: Artline (priority area Culture),  MarTech LNG (priority area on Clean Shipping), the South Baltic Training Programme (priority area Education) and Enjoy South Baltic! (priority area Tourism). The South Baltic Training Programme is part of a flagship cluster combining two test platforms in different geographical areas of the Baltic Sea Region and one dissemination project. The South Baltic project constitutes one of the test platforms.

Enjoy South Baltic! serves the priority area on tourism under the project "Promote the cultural and natural heritage by monitoring on-going initiatives and trends in tourism development in the Baltic Sea region." Read more»



Baltic Macro-Regional News

New EU grant scheme for preparing new projects

As part of the European Commission’s technical assistance budget for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, a grant scheme for preparing projects which boost one of the Strategy's priority areas or horizontal actions is to be implemented. Also referred to as seed money facility, the grant scheme is to be managed by Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein on behalf of the European Commission. Applicants should prepare a project plan indicating activities and outputs, the composition of the partnership, budget and an analysis of funding possibilities. These plans can be further developed for an application to any of the EU or national funding sources e.g. the EU Structural Funds programmes 2014-2020. Read more»



News website covering the Baltic Sea macro-region launched

The Baltic Development Forum has taken the role of editor-in-chief of newsWave, a new innovative platform with the overall aim to improve information exchange and cross-border communication in the region. Under the umbrella of the partly EU-financed ONE BSR project, newsWave was launced on 26th February 2013. The new website is the first of its kind regional news exchange platform, revealing latest developments across the Baltic Sea. Being part of newsWave's editorial community, many South Baltic projects will take the opportunity to share insights into their innovative measures, findings and cross-border co-operation practice. Access newsWave»


South Baltic Project News

Adjusting educational opportunities to the changing maritime sector in the South Baltic Region

Keeping up with a rapidly evolving labour market
The maritime sector is an important driver of the present and future economy of the South Baltic Sea Region and is of great significance for employment in coastal regions. But despite the meaningful opportunities, this region also has to cope with severe challenges. The increasing utilisation of this ecologically vulnerable area requires common regulations and management for sea and land based activities. Further challenges result from the globalisation of markets and the consequences of global warming, for example concerning coastal protection or the use of renewable energy sources. In parallel, innovative technologies are rapidly evolving and new maritime related fields are emerging (e.g. blue biotechnology). All these factors result in a rapidly changing maritime sector, which in turn has consequences for the labour market and its educational requirements. Read more» 


Electric bicycles complement public transport

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, the city of Karlskrona and Växjö and 3 Polish and German stakeholders are introducing electric bicycles/pedelecs as a complement to public transport. Being partners in the South Baltic Elmos project the cities of Karlskrona and Växjö will be providing respectively 15-30 pedelecs for commuters to lend as of March. Both cities are developing a long term e-mobility strategy which will cover the use of both pedelecs and other electric vehicles. Later this spring, a bicycle campaign called Southeast Pedals is planned to start in Southeast Sweden in order to encourage cycling among commuters. Read more»

A forestry network emerging from a South Baltic project

Being a spin-off of the project "Hardwoods are good - supporting entrepreneurs of the forestry hardwood chain in the South Baltic Region", a unique network for forestry stakeholders is gathering strength. The foundation for this new forestry forum was laid back in January 2013 during a conference when the project was officially finalised. So far, the network contains 42 members representing institutions and companies from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden. "The aim of the network is to create a communication platform for future co-operation and exchange of branch knowledge" says Ola Runfors, the projects' information officer at the Swedish Forest Agency. Membership is free of charge. Institutions and companies from the region interested in this network are welcome to participate. Please contact: Ola Runfors
Swedish Forest Agency
Read more»


Opening of an offshore wind energy info centre

Following the success of the touring exhibition “Fascination Offshore” in 2011 with over 9.000 visitors during the stop in Rostock-Warnemünde, a permanent offshore wind energy exhibition on board of a museum ship will open in April 2013. The exhibition is an initiative of Rostock Business in cooperation with the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation. As a supplement to the existing Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum, the new interactive exhibition will provide general information about offshore wind energy, the status-quo in the Baltic Sea and in the region of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania as well as career opportunities. Key target groups include inhabitants, tourists, media and schools, decision-makers in politics and industry, as well as the general public. The touring exhibition “Fascination Offshore” and the permanent exhibition in Rostock are good practice examples for fostering acceptance of offshore wind energy by informing a broad public and is one highlight of the SB OFF.E.R project.

On 24-25 April, the Final SB OFF.E.R Conference within the framework of the international conference and exhibition “Wind & Maritim” offers excellent opportunities for getting to know essential project results, discussing the current status of the offshore wind energy sector in the South Baltic area and establishing new contacts. One highlight of the event will be the grand opening of the offshore wind energy exhibition. Further information: Read more»

Cross-border co-operation in science communication

New knowledge created by scientists ought to find a direct and fast road to schools. But far too often schools and research institutions turn out to be separate universes light years apart. The challenges of an ever-changing global society call for action. New tools have to be found, experiences to be exchanged to let the next generation benefit from new insights as early as possible. This serves not only the purpose of accelerating the cycle of knowledge. It can also help recruit a new generation of scientists as is desirable, for example, in the South Baltic Area. Rostock with its many scientific institutions has fully devoted itself to attracting and raising young researchers. In acknowledgement of its commitment, Rostock has just recently been awarded the title of City of Young Researchers. Besides these local initiatives, a broad variety of thematic networks in the Baltic Sea region offers the opportunity for joint activities from which the whole region might benefit.

Organised by the South Baltic WebLab project, the seminar "Cross-border Co-operation in Science Communication" aims to bring together teachers, scientists, science communicators and educational politicians from all over the Baltic Sea area in order to generate new concepts for co-operations. The seminar is scheduled to take place in March 21st and 22nd, 2013 at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, Germany. Keep track of further Baltic WebLab developments»


Current situation of the South Baltic labour markets 

The South Baltic project SB Professionals released a report on the current situation of the South Baltic labour market. The report reveals population trends and economical aspects of the South Baltic region. A cross-regional analysis of the labour market has been conducted and recommendations for the workforce mobility are given.  Read more»


Events (save the date)

International workshop Cross-border Co-operation in Science Communication

21st-22nd March 2013, Warnemünde - Germany
Organised by the Baltic WebLab project, the aim of this workshop is  to bring together teachers, scientists, science communicators and educational politicians from all over the Baltic Sea area in order to generate new concepts for co-operations.
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Baltic Sea NGO Forum

16th-17th April 2013, Saint-Petersburg - Russia
The Baltic Sea NGO Forum brings together actors from the civil society around the Baltic Sea area. During the forum representatives of the civil society can exchange good practice, network and establish cross-border and inter-sectoral co-operation with different actors in the area. The Forum is also a platform for dialogue between NGOs and public authorities.
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"South Baltic OFF.E.R" Final Conference

24th-25th April 2013, Rostock - Germany
"South Baltic OFF.E.R" promotes offshore wind energy (OWE) in the South Baltic area, which is identified as one of the most suitable regions for this kind of renewable energy production at European level with enormous growth potentials.
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Baltic Business Forum

24th-26th April 2013, Świnoujście / Heringsdorf
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