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Views from the crow's nest

I think a closer cooperation between the offshore wind industry and higher education institutions across the South Baltic region is actually a must for successful development. The sector needs well-educated people from academia in all these regions, but we also need a continuous updating of their knowledge regarding the new technology, regulations, etc. that are steadily developing within the industry. It is exactly in this gap that we need standardised cross-border training programmes such as Generation BALT to address this lack of up-to-date skills.

Interview with Kjell Olofsson, Project Manager NCC Construction Sverige AB and former E.ON Site Manager at Kårehamn Offshore Wind Farm »

Thanks to the expertise provided by RES-Chains, we will turn the old dump in Gullberna, which has been classified as one of the ten most contaminated in Sweden, into a photovoltaic park. The site is located in close proximity to the Amiralen shopping centre – a big consumer of electricity. RES-Chains made us understand that it will be a good long-term investment for shop owners. The owners shall replace a part of the electricity they buy from the grid with electricity from their own panels in the park. Shoppers could load their electrical car with energy form the park while shopping. It is a remarkable change from a contaminated land to a visionary emblem for Karlskrona

Interview with Sven-Olof Petersson, energy strategist
at the Karlskrona Municipality »

Collaboration with MarTech LNG has allowed us to connect with other companies in the value chain and as a result this has created commercial opportunities as well as partnership discussions. MarTech LNG has done a great job in being the connective tissue between the different companies in the value chain.

Interview with Frank van Dijk, Regional Marketing Director of General Electrics Oil and Gas Europe »

The course organized by the Generation BALT project has given me everything I hoped for, especially the skills needed to pursue a maritime career. I am now more confident that it will lead me to an employment. I already made contact to a certain number of companies and it looks very promising.

Interview with Eva Errestad, Participant in a Generation BALT workshop »

The ISO 26000 matrix that we received during the RespEN project helped us to discover the areas in the company that were particularly important for us and our company's stakeholders. We learned what issues should be discussed and they turned out to be important for the employees even though they hadn't expressed this previously. In this way, our company's efficiency will increase and so will employees satisfaction.

Interview with Przemyslaw Radomski, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Sunshine Profits - Tools for Effective Trading & Investment »

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