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South Baltic Annual Conference 2013

Learn about achievements, gain insights into the future, get inspired!
The South Baltic Programme kindly invites interested stakeholders to its annual conference
“Towards a prosperous cross-border maritime community: retrospections, milestones and prospects”.
The conference is scheduled to take place on 26th November 2013 at the premises of the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, Poland.
The registration is now open. To register, please access the following address:
The agenda will be published shortly on the Programme’s website.
We look forward to welcoming you in Szczecin!

Catch the vibe of South Baltic! Join the South Baltic video competition.

Every short video category is acceptable (amateur and professional): viral, artistic, animation, one-sequence smart phone recordings, slide show etc.
From cultural and natural heritage, maritime identity to sporting events, experimental or short fiction videos, documentaries or interviews - every type of footage CAPTURING THE SPIRIT OF SOUTH BALTIC is welcome.
The video contest accommodates every form of creative expression of how people from all over Europe perceive South Baltic. If language is used in the footage, it should be preferably English (original or subtitles). Videos don’t have to be produced specially for this contest (both existing videos, and new videos are acceptable).
Join the competition HERE

Cross-border pathways to sustainable mobility: Invitation

Sustainable mobility within the South Baltic region will be a subject of a panel discussion within the 4th Congress of Active Mobility in Gdansk.
The South Baltic Programme 2007-2013 supports a panoply of tools for sustainable mobility. The panel will focus on cycling as part of a multimodal mobility system in a city; on car sharing in rural areas as well as on    youth participation in policy-making in the field of transport and mobility.
You are invited to register HERE
The panel session will take place on 13th September 2013, 12:30 - 13:30, AmberExpo Conference and Convention Centre, Gdansk.
The first day of the Congress (12th September) incorporates another special contribution from the South Baltic Programme.
"Thinking mobility and co-operation across borders - the South Baltic Programme in a nutshell" by Thorsten Kohlisch, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the South Baltic Programme: 12th September 2013, 09:45, AmberExpo Conference and Convention Centre, Gdansk.
We look forward to meeting you there.

Inspiring young people: let's celebrate European co-operation

School students from Denmark, Lithuania and Poland will gather in Gdansk on the 18th September 2013 to explore the cross-border efforts towards prosperity, sense of community and fellowship sentiments which have been made over the last few years.
On the 18th September 2013, South Baltic projects will be demonstrating their achievements in a cross-border edutainment event for young people aged between 16-19 to reveal the values of cross-border co-operation. This event will refrain from conventional exhibition patterns, and will embark on more digestible and appealing presentation practice for young people including artistic installations, performances, augmented reality, virtual tours, eLearning, eGuides, interactive games, demonstrations, screenings, hands-on experiments, lectures with tangible models  etc. Scheduled to take place in Gdansk, the event seeks integration with English class curricula of local secondary schools which will become acquainted with the idea of cross-border co-operation along with  school guests from Lithuania and Denmark.

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