ISSUE 2/2012
Welcome to South Baltic Programme second Newsflash!
Welcome to the next issue of South Baltic Programme Newsflash! In this month's newsletter you will find up-to-date information on the Programme and the South Baltic projects, as well as announcements on the upcoming events. As the summer season has already started we would like to wish all of you nice holidays at the South Baltic and beyond!
South Baltic Programme News
South Baltic Programme Annual Event, 23-24 October 2012, Ronneby / Sweden
On our website: you will find draft Agenda of the South Baltic Programme Annual Event 2012. We would like invite everybody interested in the South Baltic projects and new perspectives for the cooperation in the South Baltic Region. Be a part of the South Baltic Programme Fest! READ MORE »
Consultations for potential applicants planning to apply in the 9th Call for Proposals
The South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 announces consultations for potential applicants planning to apply in the 9th Call for Proposals.
The South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 announces consultations for potential applicants planning to apply in the 9th Call for Proposals.
If you have just an idea and/or you are looking for Partners to develop your project, please approach the South Baltic Contact Point in your region.
However if your project idea is more advanced in preparation and you need more specific feedback or advice, the South Baltic Programme offers also individual face-to-face consultations in the JTS (June-September). The consultations can be also given via telephone or Skype communicator. To find contact data please click HERE.
Take a look at the Baltic Sea Photo Competition
The ‘Take a look at the Baltic Sea Photo Competition’ is starting on 10th July! Take part and win the Canon IXUS 220 camera! Click here to find out how to participate. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and bring in as many friends as possible to join the competition! 
South Baltic Programme Projects
SBP Projects are about to finish the next round of  Project Progress Reports for the first half of the 2012 year.
Out of 64 projects approved in the Programme, 80% have already submitted at least one Report, and 16 of Projects have provided their reports for the first time. We keep fingers crossed!
South Baltic Project News
“Eco4Life: South Baltic Network for Environmental and Life Sciences to Boost Cross Border Cooperation” plans to network and bring together competencies in Environmental and Life Sciences in the coastal regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Klaipeda County. The project organises  a regional workshop “Diabetes Management and Prevention: examples from the Baltic Sea Region”. The 2nd Baltic-Sea-Health-Region-Meeting gathers experts for diabetes treatment from the Baltic Sea Region and the Arab World to discuss transnational activities and to identify joint strategies of cooperation in the field of diabetes management. READ MORE »
Baltic Sounds Good - ArtLine project
Onboard ferries Gdynia-Karlskrona, June-July 2012
A sound installation by artists on rear deck of Stena Vision and Stena Spirit ferries.
Sound-artists sampled sounds on and under the Baltic Sea surface during dedicated workshops. Sounds were taken at  the Hel, peninsula at ferry decks, as well as under the sea surface. All the sounds were presented at the electronic concert at the Art Centre Gallery EL in Elblag, Poland. During this summer the sounds are going to be available to be listened on board the Stena Vision and Stena Spirit ferries. READ MORE »
Going Abroad
Going Abroad, a project partially financed by the South Baltic Programme, aims to promote female entrepreneurs in micro-enterprises to grow by helping them tackle the problems associated with accessing new markets.
This summer, the Going Abroad Blog went online. It is designed to create a virtual community for people involved in the project and provide a platform for fruitful discussions, comments and questions. Bloggers can share opinions, exchange experiences, talk about problems, upcoming events and what else needs to be discussed!
The blog is open for participating female entrepreneurs, partner organisations and everybody who wants to contribute to fruitful discussions READ MORE » You also find Going Abroad on Facebook!
Design Ship. Movie from Wismar!
One of the Project Partners has prepared a short movie about 1st DesignSHIP Training session. The movie by Anatoli Beifert from Wismar University of Applied Sciences - Technology, Business and Design - DesignSHIP, Project Partner 3 can be found HERE »
Visit SBP new „bicycle” website of Elmos Project
ELMOS promotes the invention of electric mobility in the small & medium size towns & cities of the South Baltic Area. In that sense, it contributes to reduce C02 emissions and improve urban living conditions. The overall idea of the project is to develop and partly introduce electric mobility in the five participating municipalities. Electric mobility offers new opportunities for everyday transport. Urban areas are predestined to become catalysts for its invention and are on the forefront of the development. READ MORE »
BalticMuseums 2.0 publish virtual museums
The BalticMuseums partners published the innovative museum tours on the Internet. Users can explore the virtual galleries through the museums online. Impressive panoramic photographs show the various exhibitions of the four museums with unusual insights. Like a real museum visit, users can „walk“ from room to room. With the zoom function, the exhibits get very close and the usually moving inhabitants of the oceanographic museums can be watched at rest.
The virtual museums foster a spirit of discovery and increase the thrill of anticipation of the real museum visit. READ MORE »
Baltic tourist destination - results from market research study
Enjoy South Baltic! is a new and innovatory cross-border project implemented by partners form Poland, Lithuania and Germany under the coordination of Pomorskie Tourist Board. The aim of the project is to strengthen the image and competitiveness  of the South Baltic area as an attractive tourist destinations and throughout direct cooperation to private sector to make the baltic tourist offer more visible on the global tourist market. READ MORE »

Space Matters II. Art in Public Spaces and Digital Media
30 June – 19 August
In three containers in Karlskrona City : Fisktorget, Bastion Aurora and Skeppsbrokajen
Space Matters II is a continuation of a public art-event, entitled Space Matters I, that was arranged by the Art Line project in the public space of Karlskrona in 2011. During the summer of 2012 containers will be located in Karlskrona city where you can view the results of work of artistsfrom the Baltic Sea countries. All the works are examples of a displacement, perhaps even a dissolution, of the boundaries between real and digital space. READ MORE »
Prevention of Youth Drop Outs in Sports
Pydos means Prevention of youth drop outs in sports. The objective of the project is to know from the youth´s what the sports clubs and the society can do for them so that they won´t drop out from sports. The first event of the Project will take place in Klaipeda from the 1st to 5th of July. They are about 60 youth´s and leaders who are going to meet in Klaipeda. They will have get to know-each other-practice, workshops, which will include mapping and compiling of the youth and leaders in the Pydos project and of course training. 
Next DesignSHIP Training Session coming up in Gdynia
The Polish, German and Swedish participants selected for this edition will now meet in Gdynia to continue their work on real-life scenarios suggested by existing companies and assist them in their daily issues through Design Management application. The company being the subject of the upcoming session is FlowAir – producer of economical heaters for buildings with large enclosed spaces. The groups will provide a combination of solutions as a result of collaboration of Design, Technology and Marketing knowledge introduced by experienced experts. READ MORE »
Amber drops in Gdansk
15 partners around the South Baltic Sea area, taking part in LED Project, have come together to find new ways of lighting parks, bicycle lanes, cultural buildings, schools, rural areas etc. The overall idea is to provide verified arguments for a conversion of public lighting to the energy-saving, environmentally friendly and versatile LED-technology, creating know-how and raising the awareness for energy-saving. The project is working on test pilots and best practices on innovative methods of public lighting in cities and regions. One of the test installation sites you find in Gdansk
There are different ways of showing the possibilities with lighting and LED technology. An inspiring way to show both inhabitants and politicians is by a lighting installation. This installation was formed with the yellow translucent pebbles made of epoxy resin. There are 49 ‘amber drops’ with a built in LED lighting system, divided into groups, sufficiently hard to support the weight of people standing on them. The amber drops are connected to the lighting control system, which allows them to function independently in accordance with programmed sequences and screenplays. Walking down to the installation one could take a break and sit down on one of the five benches to admire the installation of amber lights. At night, when it’s dark a feeling of warmth would seem to fulfill the space with the pulsating glow of yellow light like it was alive and breathing. READ MORE »