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Contact Points


Contact Point Region Bornholm

Niels Chresten Andersen
phone: +45 5692 1303
mobile: +45 3018 2192
fax: +45 5692 1301
e-mail :

Kirstine Friis Nielsen

Bornholms Regionskommune
Regional Udvikling
Ullasvej 23
DK 3700 Ronne
Regional Municipality of Bornholm, Regional development

Contact Point Region Sjalland

Mette Høstgaard Bonde
phone: +45 40245058

Region Sjaelland
Regional Development
Alléen 15
DK 4180 Soroe


Contact Point Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Technologiezentrum Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern
Alexander Schwock

Phone: +49 3834 550 102


Contact Point Lithuania

A new Contact Point will be established shortly.


Regional Contact Point Pomorskie Voivodship

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego/ Marshall Office of Pomorskie Voivodship:

Ludwik Szakiel
phone: +48 58 32 68 683

Monika Cholewczynska-Dmitruk (on leave)
phone: +48 58 32 68 683  

Marta Bocianowska
phone: +48 58 326 86 92

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego
Departament Rozwoju Regionalnego i Przestrzennego
Referat Europejskiej Współpracy Terytorialnej
ul. Okopowa 21/27
80-810 Gdańsk

Regional Contact Point Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Warmińsko - Mazurskiego/Marshall Office of Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship:

Witold Kielich
phone:+48 89 521 93 26  

Karol Ostrowski
phone: +48 89 521 93 24

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Warmińsko - Mazurskiego
Departament Polityki Regionalnej Biuro Współpracy Terytorialnej
Ul. Emilii Plater 1
10 - 562 Olsztyn

Regional Contact Point Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego/Marshall Office of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship:

Anna Błeszyńska
phone: +48 91 44 67 210

Magdalena Dernoga
phone: +48 91 44 67 211

Patrycja Semeniuk
phone: +48 91 44 67 115

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego
Wieloosobowe Stanowisko ds. EWT
Wydział Współpracy Międzynarodowej
ul. Piłsudskiego 40-42
Room 329, 339
70-421 Szczecin

Paweł Jędruszczak
phone: +48 94 317 74 08      

Information Point
al. Monte Cassino 2
Room 101
75-412 Koszalin


Contact Point Region Kalmar

Lena Westman
phone: +46 480 448 369 or +46 706 323 886

Johan Lundbäck
phone: +46 480 448 342 or +46 705 853 730

Regionförbundet i Kalmar län/Regional Council in Kalmar County
Box 762 (Nygatan 34)
391 27  Kalmar

Contact Point Region Blekinge

Johanna Rönn
Phone +46 455-30 50 21

Region Blekinge
Valhallavägen 1
37141 Karlskrona

Contact Point Region Skåne

Maria Korner Westin
phone: +46 40 675 3227 or +46 768 870482

Region Skåne
Dockplatsen 26, 205 25 Malmö

Contact Point Region Kronoberg

Therese Magnusson
phone: +46 470 72 47 54 or +46 72 361 52 74

Regionförbundet Södra Småland Videum
S-351 96 Växjö

Publication: "Smart transport development in South Baltic" Publication: "Smart tourism development in South Baltic" Publication: "Smart business development in South Baltic" Publication: "Smart environmental solutions in South Baltic"
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Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
“I help to bring together young people from South Baltic, and make them familiar with the value of team building for better understanding and cross-border community sense. Because I care”
Ann-Katrin Olsson, PYDOS
“I work towards an increase in commercial exploitation of Liquefied Natural Gas practice for competitive maritime industries in South Baltic. Because I care”
Andrius Sutnikas, MarTech LNG
“I raise awareness of the correlation between ecosystems and human uses in the coastal areas of South Baltic. Because I care!”
Nardine Stybel, HERRING
“I campaign for labour market mobility in South Baltic to open up new perspectives and horizons for my children, grandchildren, friends and neighbours. Because I care!”
Jerzy Rozwadowski, SB Professionals
“I work to increase the mobility of performing arts in South Baltic in order to make people experience and understand the views of their fellow cross-border community members. Because I care.”
Fredrik Schirén, CICONIA
“Through implementing the European Landscape Convention I‘m helping to protect and maintain the beautiful South Baltic landscapes. Because I care!”
Katarzyna Fidler, LIFEscape
I advocate the idea of building a common cross-border sense of community by using the values of sports and healthy lifestyle. Because I care”
Witold Namyślak, Mayor of Lębork
“I develop ride-sharing models to improve accessibility of rural areas around the South Baltic in a sustainable manner. Because I care"
Kristina Koebe, Mobile Together
“I pursue the concept of cross-border award schemes for young people to arouse and keep their interest in technology and innovation. I pursue a prosperous future knowledge society in South Baltic. Because I care”
Lone Reppien Thomsen, SoBaTO
“I work to establish a bridge between policy makers and youngsters today for shaping the South Baltic transport and mobility of tomorrow. Because I care”
Jacek Piotrowski, BAYinTRAP
“I perform research on the beneficial reuse of dredged materials in dike construction for sustainable flood protection in the South Baltic. Because I care.”
Stefan Cantré, DredgDikes
“I’m using the virtues of sports to unite young people in our South Baltic community. Because I care!”
Kamil Koniuszewski, Respect Balticum
“I work towards creating a strong platform for intercultural dialog in the South Baltic Region, promoting a climate of mutual understanding of the richness of a diversified culture. Because I care!”
Lawrence Okey Ugwu, ARTLINE
“I support the development and integration of the South Baltic hardwood market to increase the business volume, resource efficiency and regional competitiveness. Because I care!”
Ola Runfors, Hardwoods are good
“I seek to inspire businesses in South Baltic to pursue social responsibility principles for a sustainable and prosperous future. Because I care.”
Monika Michałowska, RespEn
“I work to tailor education in the South Baltic to meet the demands of the evolving maritime labour market. Because I care!”
Jan Fidler, Generation BALT
“I work to optimise herbicide use in agriculture to ensure future crop production and protect the environment in the South Baltic Region. Because I care!”
Mette Sønderskov, DSSHerbicide
“I work to integrate e-bikes in the local public transport, and to develop intermodal electric mobility strategies for more livable communities in South Baltic. Because I care!”
Janette Heidenreich, ELMOS
“I seek to promote creative learning in schools for an open-minded and tolerant future South Baltic generation. Because I care!”
Björn Samuelsson, CreatLearn
"I support efforts to popularise the Pomeranian Way of St James. I cherish the common cultural heritage of South Baltic. Because I care”
Alicja Zajączkowska, Vice-mayor of Lębork
“I work to foster public acceptance of offshore wind energy to advance its growth in the interest of environmental and climate protection in the South Baltic Region. Because I care!”
Christina Albrecht, South Baltic OFF.E.R
"Using the power of arts, I work towards a change in mindset in favour of wind energy for a better South Baltic. Because I care!"
Lennart Tyrberg, WEBRSR 2 Upgrade
"I am engaged in developing multimedia solutions for better edutainment offers at South Baltic Museums – ensuring accessibility for all. Because I care.”
Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz, BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus
"I work to align spatial demands of humans with those of natural resources towards a more sustainable coastal management in South Baltic."
Inga Haller, HERRING
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