Crossing borders for youth welfare

The Joint Technical Secretariats of the South Baltic and Central Baltic programmes organised a workshop on cross-border efforts to keep the youth in our regions as part of this year’s General Conference of the Union of Baltic Cities. The conference took place in Mariehamn, the Capital of the autonomous region of Åland Islands from 1st to 4th October. In keeping with the slogan of the conference “From words into action - Combating youth unemployment and marginalization”, the Joint Technical Secretariats of the South Baltic and Central Baltic cross-border co-operation programmes have designed a workshop to showcase commendable cross-border initiatives in the field of youth welfare. The session took place on 3rd October, and was attended by more than 60 representatives of Baltic cities and their youth organisations.  The principle of cross-border co-operation obtained strong political endorsement from high-level representatives of cities involved in youth-related cross-border projects during a subsequent panel discussion. In particular, Mayor Roland Methling of Rostock, Councillor Maja Wagner of Gdynia, Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas of Tallinn,  Mayor Mihkel Kübar of Jõgeva and Deputy Mayor Birgitta Ståhl Öckinger of Linköping expressed their belief and confidence in the values of cross-border co-operation.  More.


A successful South Baltic Edutainment Day 2013: 17 South Baltic projects inspire more than 400 school students from Denmark, Lithuania and Poland with the idea of cross-border co-operation.

The South Baltic Edutainment Day 2013, which took place on 18th September 2013 in Gdansk, was the pivotal contribution of the South Baltic Programme to a series of events all over Europe to celebrate the European co-operation. 17 South Baltic projects came up with compelling ideas how to inspire young people to pursue the virtues of maritime cross-border co-operation. Hundreds of school students aged between 12 and 19 immersed themselves into the world of cross-border maritime mobility and affinity, education and culture, innovation and sustainability, prosperity and unity.   More.


Getting ready for future cooperation in the South Baltic

Bringing together 26 representatives from Denmark, Lithuania, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Poland, Sweden as well as the Euroregions Baltic & Pomerania, the 4th Joint Programming Committee meeting of the South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme was held on 24-25 September in the dignified halls of Rostock’s City Hall. Organised by the Programme’s Contact Point for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in close cooperation with the City Council of Rostock, the meeting allowed for in-depth discussions on the thematic scope of the future South Baltic Programme 2014-2020. Among others, the fields of business innovation and internationalisation, the protection of cultural and natural heritage, green technologies, transport, labour mobility and cooperation between institutions and citizens have been identified by the delegations as possible future priorities for cooperation across the shores of the South Baltic. Moreover, the delegations approved the institutional structure for the new Programme. As in the current programming period, the Polish Ministry for Regional Development will carry the overall responsibility as the Programme’s Managing Authority, to be supported by the Joint Secretariat in Gdańsk.  More.


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